VDA List of Services

Veiovis Direct provides comprehensive primary and preventive care services. Please call us if you have a healthcare question or problem so we can help you figure out the best way to address your needs. Veiovis Direct does not provide maternity/prenatal care, specialist care, radiology or emergency services.


Allergies – Seasonal
Bladder Infections/Urinary Tract Infections – Females (Ages 6+)
Body Aches
Breathing Treatments with Nebulizer (Ages 2+)
Cold, Cough and Flu
Diarrhea, Nausea and Vomiting
Ear Ache/Ear Infections
Early Lyme Disease
EpiPen Refills
Itchy Eyes
Mononucleosis (Mono)
Motion Sickness Prevention
Nasal Congestion
Pink Eye and Styes
Sinus Infections
Sore Throat/Strep Throat
Swimmer's Ear
Upper Respiratory Infections


Animal bites (limited)
Burns (minor)
Corneal (Eye) Abrasions
Foreign Body Removal from Eye and Ear (limited)
Jellyfish Stings
Minor Cut/Wound Closure with Skin Adhesive
Splinter Removal
Staple/Suture Removal


Athlete's Foot
Chicken Pox
Dry/Itchy Skin
Head Lice
Oral, Mouth and Cold Sores
Skin Infections
Skin irritations (Contact Dermatitis)
Skin Rashes
Swimmer's Itch
Tick/Insect Bites and Stings
Wart Removal


Flu (Seasonal and Preservative Free) Ages 2+
Td (Tetanus Booster) Ages 7+
Varicella series (Chicken Pox)* Ages 7+
Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertusis) Ages 10+
Flu (Fluzone High-Dose) Ages 65+
PPV (Pneumonia) Ages 65+, Ages 19-64 who smoke or have asthma, Ages 7+ with long-term health conditions
*The Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine may need to be ordered upon request.


Urinalysis (dip only, not microscopy)
Coagulation markers (**nurses currently perform the INR's as part of AMS)
Streptococcal infection (rapid strep)
Pregnancy Tests


Camp, Sports and Annual School Physicals, Administrative Physicals

  • Camp Counselor Physicals
  • Child Care Provider Physicals
  • College/University Physicals
  • Employment/Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Healthcare Provider/Employee/Student Physicals
  • Post-Adoptive/Foster Home Resident Physicals (Adult and Children Ages 18+ months)
  • Premarital Physicals
  • Professional Licensure Physicals
  • School Admission Physicals (Including Professional and Trade Schools)
  • Senior Care Provider Physicals
  • Senior Living Admission Physicals (Including Adult Community, Assisted Living, Nursing Care, and retirement Homes)
  • Teacher/School Personnel Physicals
    *One Physical per year per person based on US Preventative Services Task Force (UPSTF) guideline

Blood Pressure Screening & Counseling (Ages 18+)
Cholesterol Screening & Counseling (Ages 18+)
Diabetes Screening & Counseling (Ages 18+)
Health Screening (Ages 18+)
Health Screening with Health Risk Assessment (Ages 18-65)
Wellness Visits
PPD/Tuberculosis Testing
Streptococcal infection (rapid strep)
Pregnancy Tests