Veiovis revolutionizes a strong vision for medical travel: high quality, borderless healthcare solutions through equal expertise in medical case management and travel facilitation. Unique to Veiovis is the wealth of experience in providing healthcare directly to patients utilizing the competencies of TakeCare's health insurance and clinical expertise. Veiovis offers decades of experience in U.S. credentialing, clinical-guidelines and a physician-supervised care management approach.

Veiovis pioneers medical travel that is strongly anchored in expert global healthcare management and wields unparalleled experience-based knowledge and agility as the evolutionary result of TakeCare Insurance's 20 plus year experience in domestic and overseas patient care.

TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc., selected by the U.S. Federal Employee Health Benefit Program as the sole Guam-based health insurance provider, launched Veiovis in 2009 to offer our experience and capabilities globally. Veiovis is organized as a limited liability company in the U.S. Territory of Guam in the Western Pacific. A medical referral office in Manila, Philippines along with in-country liaisons across Asia-Pacific, New Zealand and North America enable efficient synchronization with major medical destinations.

Across Asia-Pacific, Hawaii and North America, Veiovis delivers seamless coordinated medical care, on-the-ground expertise, end-to-end quality control processes, and credibility among an expansive network of global providers. Its brand of borderless, full-spectrum support assures comprehensive and personalized attention for patients, employers and health insurers. From medical reviews and referrals, to travel concierge arrangements, and concurrent management of the patient's in-hospital experience, recover and aftercare, Veiovis is committed to optimum medical outcomes and travel-tourist benefits.

Patients, employers, health insurers and their agents will discover confidence in accessing high quality, world-class health care with superior patient outcomes. A global healthcare partner like no other, Veiovis delivers personalized medical coordination and reliable quality control over a patient's overseas medical travel experience.