Asia is a region of diverse cultures and languages, fused together by strong traditions of excellence and graciousness. Its population is highly skilled, with a large percentage of U.S.- and European-educated doctors and hospital administrators. Its financial and commercial industries are patterned after Western models; while educational systems in most Asian countries are either British (Singapore, India) or American (Philippines). The information technology industry in Asia is one of the most advanced in the world.

The Asian experience is warm and personal, and relationship-centric in nature. Hospitality and generosity are key in welcoming and relating with foreigners; a sense of honor plays a significant role in all undertakings.

The region's health care services verify the best of Asia:

Ultra modern health care facilities employ rigorously trained physicians and staff members to deliver measurable health outcomes of the highest quality.

Cutting-edge diagnostic and intervention facilities include international offices for the special needs of foreign patients.

Continuing education ensures the integration of progressive trends and practices in the global medical field.

Facilities and services are accredited by esteemed bodies, such as Joint Commission International and International Society for Quality in Healthcare.

High government spending on health care reveals national priority for cutting-edge yet affordable health services.

High tech and high touch, specialists and staff members render gentle, compassionate service that is also highly personalized and dignified.

As a destination for the patient-traveller, Asia unfolds the natural wonders of its exotic landscapes, lush flora and fauna (the Philippines is the second most biodiverse country in the world), and vibrant ancient and modern cultures. Asian cuisine is renowned for its bold, exotic flavors and ingenious use of local ingredients.