Veiovis' medical providers consistently meet and exceed the highest benchmarks for medical tourism facilitators set by the American Medical Association, the Medical Tourism Association, the International Society for Quality in Healthcare, and the Joint Commission International.

These cost-efficient alternatives to healthcare in the United States offer comparable, if not better quality of treatment and the enhanced pleasures of world-class hospitality and patient care, plus therapeutic resort settings either in-hospital or nearby.

Veiovis and its partner institutions provide:

  • Fluent, native expertise and on-the-ground Medical Referral Offices and travel-hospitality concierge resources in each destination that ensure personalized attention;
  • Some of the comfort, support and convenience of home;
  • Effective and efficient delivery of care; and
  • A rewarding travel experience.

How does Veiovis guarantee safe medical travel?

Veiovis' extensive experience in health care management and travel facilitation has expanded its vision of medical travel. This benefits patients insofar as experience-based skills, available information, range of options, reliable systems and proven results

Health care providers in the Veiovis network each subscribe to the highest levels of quality, as determined by the following criteria:

  • International accreditation from the Joint Commission International or a similar Organization;
  • Highly educated physicians and specialists with solid track records and experience working in international facilities;
  • Leading diagnostic and specialty centers with strong research and development support;
  • Special facilities and services for international patients;
  • Modern medical equipment and infrastructure;
  • Efficient systems and processes;
  • Highest quality of service; and
  • Holistic, compassionate and personalized care.