GlobalAccess Advantage

Veiovis is in an excellent position to address your wide-ranging concerns both as a patient and as a traveler. Its practical and proven knowledge of health management charts your path to wellness. Its medical practices are industry benchmarks supported by long-standing professional alliances in the field of medical travel.



The Veiovis heritage is founded on the TakeCare Asia model of healthcare delivery. It is rooted first in medical case management, then in medical travel facilitation. Veiovis stands apart for its experience in health insurance, clinic operations, medical case management and patient management.


Veiovis offers borderless access to the best and most affordable healthcare across its global provider network in Asia, Hawaii and the continental United States. Veiovis providers give you more healthcare choices at a fraction of the cost at home, so you need not feel overwhelmed by the rising costs of healthcare.


Veiovis designs its systems to intuitively anticipate and respond to your needs, delivering comfort, security and peace of mind from pre-departure to the return back home.

Veiovis Case Managers bridge differences in time, language, culture, and environment to organize medical processes. They take the lead in every aspect of medical care – fro medical reviews and referrals, discharge planning, recovery and aftercare, to clinical claims review and follow-up care for you back home. Veiovis Case Managers also connect patients with international travel and concierge partners for a worry-free journey.


Veiovis GlobalAccess empowers patients with quality healthcare options in desirable medical and travel destinations. Signature hospitality and patient support services; modern, high-tech facilities; and comparable, if not better quality of treatment to domestic healthcare characterize Veiovis network providers.

The Veiovis method of end-to-end patient care is based on the relationship-focused traditions of Asia. It practices a personal, high-touch approach to healthcare delivery, ensuring warm, compassionate, and hospitable care.


Optimum treatment and recovery depends as much on high-touch, personalized follow-up care as it does on medical excellence. So it is no wonder then why Asian medical destinations – with their many internationally accredited medical providers, and patient-friendly cultures that value warmth, hospitality and respect for human dignity -- are on the rise. In fact, Veiovis sends 80 percent of its medical travelers to Asian destinations.

As a medical traveler, you can enjoy remarkably low per-patient medical expenses in Asia – at least 40 to 90 percent less than in the United States, depending on the specific destination and medical procedure.

As a premier medical hub, Asia also offers a pleasant and efficient medical travel experience. The Philippines, for example, facilitates seamless communication with English as its primary language.