The Hawaiian Islands conjure images of clear blue seawaters embracing ancient volcanic rock, endemic flora and fauna and easy tropical weather. The patient-traveller will find a pleasant, broad-minded population comprised of large ancestry groups of Asian, European and Latin American descent, whose official languages are English and Hawaiian. Individual languages, mirroring the vast racial demographics of the archipelago, induce ease and clarity of communication. Hawaii's unified school system, on the other hand, reveals exhibits high levels of literacy that extends to the professional levels.

Health care in modern Hawaii is a national priority. A model for federal and state health care plans, Hawaii's health care system insures over 95 percent of residents while strict regulation retains low costs to employers and patients (total health care expenses are substantially lower than mainland United States). The Hawaii health care system also places substantial emphasis on preventive care, and the state's highly qualified specialists ensure the most optimum levels of care.

As a destination for the patient-traveller, Hawaii marries medical expertise with the best of travel and culture. Its rich Polynesian aboriginal tradition infuses the islands with the mystique of ceremonies and folklore, while its proven health care tradition assures warm, attentive, and quality medical service to locals and foreigners alike.