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Singapore is located in Southeastern Asia and is an island between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Climate: Tropical; hot, humid, rainy; two distinct monsoon seasons - Northeastern monsoon (December to March) and Southwestern monsoon (June to September); inter-monsoon - frequent afternoon and early evening thunderstorms.

Population: 4,701,069 (July 2010 est.)

Currency: Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Exchange Rates: Singapore dollars (SGD) per US dollar - 1.3702 (2010), 1.4545 (2009), 1.415 (2008), 1.507 (2007), 1.5889 (2006)

Time Zone: MST (UTC+8)

Languages: Mandarin (official) 35%, English (official) 23%, Malay (official) 14.1%, Hokkien 11.4%, Cantonese 5.7%, Teochew 4.9%, Tamil (official) 3.2%, other Chinese dialects 1.8%, other 0.9% (2000 census)

Visitors Web site: www.yoursingapore.com

Other Information

  • World financial center
  • Previously the hub of British power in Southeast Asia, it is highly cosmopolitan and diverse
  • English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese are the official languages; English is the medium of instruction