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What is Veiovis GlobalAccess?

Veiovis GlobalAccess is an easy way for individual patients to access a world of healthcare options through Veiovis. An innovative solution against the high cost of healthcare, long wait times for treatments, and procedures that aren't available or are/aren't covered by health plans, Veiovis GlobalAccess gives patients access to superior and affordable medical care.

How does Veiovis GlobalAccess work?

Veiovis has developed medical travel products for a variety of clientele, from large employer groups, to health insurance companies, to individual patients. For individual patients seeking one-time access to our services, Veiovis GlobalAccess is the solution. It lets individual patients tap into Veiovis' international network of world-class medical providers, doctors, and travel and concierge partners so that patients can get the best, fully-coordinated medical care, with or without health insurance. Patients seeking a specific medical procedure can simply inquire online at www.veiovis.com where they begin their GlobalAccess journey to discovering a array of attractive options for medical providers that specialize in that particular procedure, along with cost comparisons and host-country options.

What sets Veiovis GlobalAccess apart from Medical Tourism services?

  • Proven Medical Expertise
    Veiovis offers patients 20 years of overseas healthcare proficiency. Its medical expertise follows the same care model developed over the last two decades by TakeCare Insurance, selected by the U.S. Federal Employee Health Benefit Program as the sole Guam-based health insurance provider.

  • Affordable and high-touch
    Medical travel by Veiovis is a rewarding experience of high-touch, personalized care at patient-friendly medical destinations across Asia-Pacific and the United States. Offering a full range of medical procedures at a fraction of the cost from most US providers, GlobalAccess makes medical travel an attractive and affordable option.

  • Regional Knowledge
    Veiovis' two-decade presence in Guam, a U.S. island territory in the Western Pacific, affirms a deep understanding of both Asian and American culture, unsurpassed by stateside-based competitors.

What facilities are part of the Veiovis GlobalAccess network?

Veiovis GlobalAccess empowers patients with quality healthcare options in desirable medical and travel destinations. Signature hospitality and patient support services; modern, high-tech facilities; and comparable, if not better quality of treatment to domestic healthcare characterize Veiovis network providers.

Each provider in the Veiovis network meets stringent international standards, and is seamlessly integrated into the Veiovis system for maximum patient convenience.


  • Philippines

    St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City
    St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City
    The Medical City
    American Eye Center

  • Thailand

    Bumrungrad International Medical Center
    Bangkok Hospital

  • Taiwan

    Taiwan Adventist Medical Center

  • Singapore

    Raffles Hospital
    Parkway Health Hospitals

  • Japan

    Kameda General Hospital

  • South Korea

    Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

  • Malaysia

    Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya

  • New Zealand

    Mercy Hospital Group
    Ascot Hospital Group

  • Hawaii

    Straub Clinic and Hospital
    Kapi'olani Medical Center at Pali Momi

  • California

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Good Samaritan Hospital
    Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
    Millers Children's Hospital
    UCLA Medical Center

  • Pacific Northwest

    Oregon Health and Science University
  • What medical procedures are available through Veiovis GlobalAccess?

    Veiovis GlobalAccess can facilitate most non-acute/emergency procedures and a large range of specializations are readily available for quotation upon inquiry at www.veiovis.com. High success rates and manageable aftercare procedures – these benefits make medical travel a viable option for a host of medical treatments. With special discounted rates and coordination through Veiovis GlobalAccess, harnessing the vast resources of the Veiovis network and traveling for care has never been easier or more beneficial.

    What can a patient expect from the Veiovis GlobalAccess experience?

    The journey to better health and savings begins with registering for Veiovs GlobalAccess online at the Veiovis website. Our Patient Care Coordination Process, facilitated by the Veiovis team of medical experts and travel partners, ensures that all our services are personal, customized, and attuned to every patient's unique needs.

      Online Registration and Transfer of Medical Records

      Records Review and Pre-selection of Hospital & Physician

      Patient-Physician & Physician-Physician Dialogue

      Schedules and Bookings
        Medical travel arrangements & medical procedure
        Selection of travel and concierge services

      Travel & Medical Treatment
      Discharge & Follow-up Care

    How does Veiovis GlobalAccess ensure quality of care?

    Access to safe and high quality care is the core of Veiovis operations. Every medical facility in the Veiovis global network has earned accreditation from internationally recognized bodies. These accrediting bodies evaluate a healthcare organization's systems and provide standards to ensure positive outcomes for patients the world over.

    International Accrediting Bodies:

      Joint Commission (JC)
      Joint Commission International (JCI)
      International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) &
      Quality Health New Zealand (QHNZ)


    Customer Service and Contact Information

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